An in-Depth Look At Gaming Obsession

Gaming obsession is a serious problem characterized by excessive game play. The signs and symptoms mimic that of other compulsive disorders like excessive exercising. When it’s not addressed on time, it can interfere with social activities and work performance.

What Is Video Game Addiction?

This is a behavior characterized by excessive use of video games. An individual engages in gaming activities and can’t resist the desire to play. This occurs when a player tries to level up a certain aspect of the game or unlock new worlds with no end in sight. Other than that, they have a hard time connecting to the world.

What Causes An Addiction To Video Games?

Video game addicts try to accomplish certain levels and are compelled to play more and more. Some games are designed to keep you glued to the screen.

What Problems Are Caused By Video Game Addiction?

Those teenagers who get addicted to gaming tend to neglect their studies. They usually rush through assignments and have little time to do their homework. Not to mention, they tend to ignore upcoming deadlines with the hope to study `tomorrow’. Gamers are also obvious casualties to financial problems. They spend their money on expensive gaming consoles, newly released games, online subscriptions, and the latest expansion packs. Another red flag of addition is having family-related issues. According to Family Friendly Gaming, the teenager becomes angry when parents caution them about neglecting their responsibilities by playing video games.

What Are The Signs Of Video Game Addiction?

One sign that you are addicted to video games is making gaming part of your daily routine. You’ll always think of the previous gaming activity and anticipate for the next game. And when gaming is taken away, you’ll experience symptoms such as sadness, irritability, and boredom. A gamer will also lose interest in other hobbies. Lastly, a player will play video games when he or she wants to relieve negative feelings like anxiety and helplessness. It’s estimated that 6-10% of gamers exhibit these signs.

What Makes Video Games Addictive?

Any gamer will tell you they want to play the game over and over again without any rational explanation. What’s more, they want to explore the imaginary lands just like in the real world. And once they build their skill level, they are eager to play complex games and more competitive challenges. In some games, there is no point where you’ll finish them. Besides that, today’s games allow players to interact with each other. The games are also addictive based on the in-game rewards leveling system.

Is There A Test I can do?

If you identify signs of gaming addiction, you can take a self-assessment test. This is basically a questionnaire to identify whether you have an obsession or compulsion to gaming. If you’re not sure whether the above problems apply to you, you can seek further help. These tests are available online.

What Treatment Is Available For Video Game Addiction?

Just like other kinds of addictions, video game addiction can be treated. One of the powerful tools is counseling. The gamer must also be aware of the triggers and participate in recovery groups. In today’s digital age, video games are becoming more fascinating by opening a world of new possibilities. If you can’t resist the desire to play video games, you could be suffering from gaming obsession. But not everyone who plays video games becomes addicted. With the right discipline, gaming can be fun and exciting.

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