The 11 Reasons to Start Weightlifting Right Now

It is not about having the biggest and most toned up biceps, but about the many other benefits lifting weights brings to your body. Lifting weights are incredible, and if you get to know why exactly, you will inevitably want to do it as soon as possible.

Here are the 11 reasons why doing weightlifting is beneficial to your body:

Burn A Lot More Fat

It is known that one of the most beneficial exercises to burn fat is cardio. However, if you only do cardio, you will lose all your body fat along with your muscles, which your body creates fat in order to make up for the loss of muscles. Therefore, when you start weight training, your muscles will start getting stronger. As a result, your body will start losing fat without having to lose your muscles.

Clothes Will Look Better

This is why most people like about exercising. Your clothes will start to look good on you while you’re wearing them. When you realize the Jean you used to wear starts fitting again, you will not want to stop weightlifting.

Calories Will Get Burned Easily

When you start doing strength training, your muscles will start working differently. They start becoming stronger, and your metabolism responds better to your food intake and the activities you do every day. A boost to your metabolism makes your body work as it should. With that said, you will burn more calories from each meal you take, and those extra calories don’t get stored in your body easily.

You’ll Start Eating Better

Most people who start going on a diet will stop eating well after the first 3 months. This is something you can fix when you do exercises. When you try to stick to a workout routine every day, it will help you keep going with the diet as well.

Stress Won’t Be A Problem

Have you ever seen a sportsman going crazy? No? Well, it is because doing sports and, of course, exercising is excellent as a stress-relieving activity. They give your mind the oxygen you lost when doing stressful work. Many people use the gym to relieve their stress and improve their overall mental health.

Bones Will Get Stronger

Doing strength exercises brings another great benefit, it makes your bones stronger. Yes, when you work out, you will get many advantages, including your bones. This happens because exercise boosts your osteocalcin, a type of calcium in your body that affects the bones directly, making them stronger and healthier than ever.

Body Will Shape Up Faster

Do you want to look like a magazine model? Well, they actually train a lot. They know that a diet and running are not enough to make your body look good. By toning up your muscles, you are continuously burning more fat, and this will get you the body shape you want.

Healthy for Your Heart

Have you ever heard about the importance of having a healthy heart? It means a longer life, better blood pressure and fewer problems at the last stage of your life. By doing strength exercises, you are swiftly pumping up your heart.

Productivity Booster

When you work out, you get more oxygen to your brain, increasing your focus and concentration. Thus, you will improve your overall productivity in whatever you need to do. This effect increases when you work out in the morning.

Longer Life

From avoiding cardiovascular disease to improving your metabolism for an overall health improvement, exercise is vital if you want to live longer. It is well-known and already determined by scientists. Working out at least four times a week increases your chances of living a longer and free-of-diseases life.

Smarter Thinking

You will get smarter by exercising. Yes, many scientists have found out that people who work out regularly tend to have a better cognitive sense than people who do not. This improves your memory, attention, focus and your ability to learn new things.

Choose the Best Type of Weightlifting Shoes: For Squat and Deadlift

When we start to practice weightlifting, no one will tell you the importance of the shoes you wear. Most people will only tell you that you need gloves, bar pads, straps or even expensive shirts just to make it look better, and that’s certainly not useful at all.

So, if you are starting this sport and want to get better at it, the best thing you can do is to choose the right pair of weightlifting shoes to have better balance, more grip, and more effectiveness.

You will have all the necessary information to choose the right shoes for yourself and how to avoid the bad ones as well – just in case you’re thinking of getting one of them.

Shoes that are Wrong for Weightlifting?

If you’re thinking of buying some great shoes for your weightlifting training, there are plenty of bad choices. Says however, one of the worst you can take with you are running shoes, according to JustHomeGym.

Running shoes are mostly made to deliver great cushioning and support for the bottom part of your feet to avoid injuries and pain after running. They are often softer and less firm so that they would make horrible weightlifting shoes.

Here’s why exactly:

They’re unstable and won’t make the user hold as much weight as with the weightlifting shoes. Running shoes tend to be softer; lifting weight will just make them flexible and less stable.

Their soles tend to be flexible and softer, and it will just absorb all the pressure and direct it towards the floor instead of using it to make your body increase the strength from your feet and legs.

They’re dangerous for weightlifting. If you use them for this activity, you are more likely to get an injury with heavy weights. As their soles tend to be more flexible, the right balance will be harder to obtain, putting your heels at risk.

Benefits of Using the Right Ones

If you use the right shoes for weightlifting, you will have more power when training and avoid many injuries due to the harder and firmer soles they have. You can learn more info here. Also, they are often anti-slipping, avoiding feet from moving dangerously.

Best Shoes Depending on the Activity

Most weightlifting shoes are average for support and help. However, some of them aren’t the best for a specific exercise, as they tend to be different from each other and be specifically made for a particular activity instead.

Best Shoes for Squatting

When it comes to squats with a power rack, the thing to take into account is the stability and delivered pressure on the feet they help deliver. For safety purposes, buying a high-quality pair of shoes for squats is required.

For example, with low bar squats, the Chuck Taylor’s would be the best choice as they are best shoes that deliver the best firm and stable soles. On the other hand, for Olympic or front Squats, those weightlifting shoes that have higher heels are much better, like the AdiStar or AdiPower that help support more weight.

What’s needed:

  • Sole Thickness.
  • Strong Canvas.
  • Ankle Mobility Support.

With these three features, the right shoes will be easier to pick. However, for squatting, Chuck Taylor’s will always be the best decision.

Best Shoes for Deadlifting

For Deadlifting, the first thing to take into account is the distance between feet and the floor. With the feet closer to the floor, the easier it will be to maintain balance and stability. Thus the thinner and harder the soles are, the better for deadlifts.

What’s needed:

  • Being Closer to the Floor
  • Hard Soles that won’t Compress
  • Flat and Wide Soles

In the end, Chuck Taylor’s are always a great option for deadlifting.

However, if you prefer Olympic weightlifting, don’t hesitate to choose shoes with thicker soles and better heel support, like AdiStars and AdiPower.

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